Local BEST Engineering Competition

A Local BEST Engineering Competition é uma competição local de engenharia organizada pelo BEST Almada em parceria com EIT InnoEnergy, destinada a estudantes da FCT NOVA, que ocorrerá dia 16 de Novembro na Sala Ágora.Se és estudante da FCT NOVA, nesta competição terás a oportunidade de formar uma equipa de 4 a 5 elementos e […]

EBEC Almada 2020

WHAT IS EBEC?The European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is one of the biggest engineering competitions of its kind in the world! In this competition students from all over Europe have the opportunity to challenge their communication, interpersonal and creativity skills by choosing 1 out of the 2 categories in teams of 4:CASE STUDYYou are given […]

BEST Course Summer Season 2020

Picture yourself in 30 years. You look around and what do you see? How clean is the air? The oceans? Are animals going extinct? The answer is, no. But only if we move towards a sustainable way of life. In our Course you will learn what needs to be done to have a Sustainable environment. […]

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