BEST Course Summer Season 2024

Bioinformatics & Stich in Biomolecular Sciences

BEST Course in Summer
16 July- 24 July

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This Summer, no one gets left behind! 

A quirky, blueberry-coloured Hound Dog has been found on a beach at Costa da Caparica.

Its tag reads Experiment 626 and the capsule is broken. We have extracted its DNA, but before studying it we must now learn more about bioinformatics and how to handle this data so that we can send them everything and manage to keep their Suspicious Minds at bay!

As state-of-the-art computational approaches simplify the analysis of large batches of samples or multiple endpoints, researchers from related areas can now discover intricate networks of genes, phylogenetic relationships between species, infer on the structure of proteins or other molecules and identify the causal agents of disease.

The present course aims at guiding students through these methods using a theory-plus-practice hands-on strategy open to graduate and undergraduate students of every background and expertise within life and biomolecular science.

If you Can’t Help Falling in Love with good cuisine, the sand between your toes and the sun kissing your face, come and stay at our Heartbreak Hotel and help us solve this mystery. Come aboard the spaceship and join us on this incredible adventure to ensure the future of the Earth is not compromised!  

And remember, if you come across any member of the Galactic Federation, the mosquitoes must be protected!

What can you expect from Almada's BEST Course?

Learn about bioinformatics and biomolecular sciences

Explore Almada, Portugal and its culture

Work in a team and make friends from all around Europe

Have fun and make memories to last a lifetime!

We made you a survival guide with everything you need to know! Click the button and check it out!


Meet the core team!!

Main Organizer
Tiago Bandos

+351 962 416 176

Main Organizer
Hugo Silva

+351 915 844 698


Cultural Responsible

Luís Chaves

PAX Responsible

Hugo Antunes

Academic Responsible

Rita Amaral

Logistics Responsible

André Maio

Foodie Responsible

Carolina Baeta

Foodie Responsible

Renata Miguel


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  • Date

    16 July - 24 July

  • Venue

    NOVA School of Science and Technology, UNL, 2829-516, Portugal, Rua da Torre, Caparica (+351) 212 948 300

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