BEST Course Summer Season 2023

Membranes for Biorefining and Biomedicine

BEST Course Summer Season
18 July- 26 July

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     Membranes… What comes to mind when you hear that word? “Molecules”, “Cells”, maybe “Polymers”? Surely not “Bioreactors”, nor “Artificial Organs”, and definitely not “3D Printing”. What if we told you that Membranes can be all that and so much more?

     In this course, you will have the opportunity to study membranes like never before, starting with the basics of how membranes work and interact with their surroundings and moving on to explore the infinite range of applications, including Biorefining and Biomedicine, Biopolymeric Membranes, and Regenerative Medicine and Artificial Organs!

     During the course’s 9 days, you will not only interact with experts in this field, but you will also have the opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge by trying innovative techniques for Membrane Development, including 3D Printing. You will even have the chance to show everyone how much you have learned with a group presentation! By the end, you can be assured that “Cells” and “Polymers” will not be the only words coming to your mind when you think of Membranes!

     And, of course, never forget all the wonders that Portugal has to offer, like the sunny days at the beach, super delicious cuisine, and all the amazing people you will get to know here!

     Are you prepared to have the most fantastic and terrific “Nightmare Before Summer”? Then, hurry up, pack your stuff, and run to Almada! (Well, maybe it is BEST if you fly instead of run 😂)

We’re counting on you!

What can you expect from Almada's BEST Course?

Learn about menbranes and its applications

Explore Almada, Portugal and its culture

Work in a team and make friends from all around Europe

Have fun and make memories to last a lifetime!

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Meet the core team!!


Main Organizer
Rita Silva
+351 931 364 527


Main Organizer
Margarida Lança
+351 967 116 022

Cultural Responsible
Ana Costa​
Food Responsibe
Guilherme Gil
Academic Responsible
João Oliveira
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Social Team Responsible
André Maio
Social Team Responsible
Carolina Baeta
Social Team Responsible
Guilherme Franco
Logistics Responsible
Tomás Fialho
Participants Responsible
Renata Miguel


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  • Date

    18 July - 26 July

  • Venue

    NOVA School of Science and Technology, UNL, 2829-516, Portugal, Rua da Torre, Caparica (+351) 212 948 300

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