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I feel Some GREEN Chemistry between us  – BEST Almada Summer Course 2016

I never knew that 8 days could change so much in one’s life, and yet somehow those which I spent in Almada changed mine completely. During this amazing time I’ve  experienced way more than I could ever imagine. I tried a lot of new things, like for example surfing and sailing (and I survived both which is a huge success considering my clumsiness and complete lack of balance! :D). I tested my limits just to find out there are no limits and everything is possible. More than that,  I had a chance to see what a beautiful country Portugal is and although I only saw one tiny bit of it, I loved it so much!  But most important of all, I got an opportunity to meet plenty of  incredible, talented, passionate, creative and funny people. They proved me, that there are absolutely no boundaries and no barriers. Cause even though each and every one of us was totally different, during those few days  we were all one big family. We laughed together, we cried together, we studied and we partied, we talked untill dawn and somewhere on the way we managed to make friendships greater and stronger than anyone would expect.  This summer course gave me much more than I could ever ask for, it gave me great memories, friends for life, plenty of new knowledge and experiences  which I will never forget.  I’m more than sure that from now on it’s impossible for me to look at something even slightly connected to Almada, BEST or Portugal without a huge smile at my face.  I can’t thank you enough for making those days so incredibly amazing! 🙂  I have to say, I wouldn’t give them back for the world!

Jolanta KuleszaGdansk, Poland

Teach Me To Teach You! – BEST Copenhagen Event on Education 2016

In late June, I traveled to Denmark to be a facilitator Event on Education which, as the name suggests, is a course of 9 ideas, in which 6 of them serve to discuss the European educational system.
Despite having embarked on this journey with some fear, because rare were the times i had facilitated sessions (and much less in English), I returned to Portugal extremely inspired, especially after having witnessed the speech of the president of SEFI (European Society for Education Engineering), which focused on the teacher’s role in university education.
The proper course topics were suggested by SEFI: “Attractiveness of engineering courses,” “The teacher’s role in university education” and “Direct Self learning”, these subjects were divided into 11 sessions.
After this experience, I believe that i came back richer for Portugal, with a new perspective on university education, thanks to the sharing of educational information with about 22 participants from 18 different countries.

David PintoAlmada, Portugal

Build your Summer Addiction – BEST Almada Summer Course 2015

Everyday was something new and fascinating for me, every second with all of you was perfect. If you ask me which part of the day I enjoyed most or which activity I liked most I won’t answered that because I can’t :ρ
I really liked everything we did, the lessons, the sailing, the surfing ( although I was so painfully bad at this :ρ ) Ι loved lisbon and Almada, I loved the beaches. A thank you to all the people who make this course happen isn’t enough but I don’t know what else to say :ρ Nice job!

Georgia GogoulouPatras, Greece

Build your Summer Addiction – BEST Almada Summer Course 2015

The places we were staying were pretty good both of them
The organizers and the coorganiser were awesome
The activities were AWESOME
The teachers and their lessons were really good
The food was great
So overall great freaking course guys well done 🙂

Giorgos KatsikopoulosGreece

Build your Summer Addiction – BEST Almada Summer Course 2015

The lessons were great, the place wonderful, the activities… Amazing! Surfing, sailing, drinking all possible existing wines, and Lisbon is such a beautiful town, and the ocean… Thank you for everything **

Marco BarbaroItaly

The next must, think robust – BEST Copenhagen Summer Course 2013

Stay Foolish! This is not the famous warning of Steve Jobs but also the feeling that has remained indelibly etched in my soul after the BEST summer course in Copenhagen 2013: “The next must; think robust”. This is what I brought home after 12 amazing days from the Local Best Group of DTU København.
Yeah, but let me present myself: I am Loris, from Rome (Italy) and I already had the BEST experience of my life.
Everything started with some numbers in the morning, counting the presence of participants in Copenhagen (Holte) in a traditional Danish cabin full with 22 students from all over Europe. Being there with people that share the same spirit, same enthusiasm in discovering typical local stuff and having the will to find out how to learn abroad in a totally new university system facing new cultures and traditions is the greatest feeling you could have.
I pleasantly remember the first time I saw all the participants, we were so distant one to another, but after a lovely Christmas lunch (julefrokost) in a summer evening, hours spent together studying, drinking snaps from Aalborg, partying like Vikings, discovering the city, after an international evening where everybody brought a piece of his country to show to everyone, after dancing, laughing, kayaking, experimenting in Experimentarium, hugging, singing Danish songs in the middle of the street, after a marvelous intense day in Tivoli then back doing cakes around the university campus, after learning how to dance salsa in a Nordic country and eating everyday only typical Danish specialities, we were like brothers.
Just after a few hours of this company you would never want to stop, you wouldn’t even care about the time or the lack of sleep, you would wake up spontaneously and you would wait inpatient of what was to come.
I understood that sleep is something overrated when your typical day starts with an alarm clock that becomes so violent that you can’t help but love it, followed by a but shift within a trip to the university, achieving stunning scenery and enjoy activities that you can’t expect but only wonder.
But after a few hours you never want to stop. You go back and start over for a party that is difficult to explain to someone who has never been in BEST, where anything can happen. Finding ourselves back at the cabin in a big bed, interlocking lying everywhere, with nothing but something to cover and maybe some chocolate to have some energies back. You realize that the after-party is over when the sun enters the window and the alarm of the new day is about to ring. So after a few hours you can find yourself in Tivoli falling down from 60 m, and eating ice cream till your stomach get rid of it.
One day you find yourself in the middle of a forest with people from every country having something to say in every moment, too fast, and the next day you’re just trying to sing with a perfectly unknown guy in a famous disco in the middle of Copenhagen. Then you find yourself in Cristiania able to speak Danish, but you don’t know how. That same night you will sing a song for a broken car without understanding why.
Without realizing it starts to really get evolved by the guys, their lives and their dreams, and you find yourself laughing because in some ways it is as if you grew up together. For some of them may happen to really get attached, because after those 12 days of madness the return to his normal life hurts, but I learned in BEST goodbyes doesn’t exist, only see you, once discovered how nice is to venture beyond its borders it is difficult to stop.
This vacancy exceeded all my expectation. I could use a thousand other words to describe my adventure but I prefer to wish to live it with your eyes, and I am sure you will never regret it!

LorisRome, Italy

Wind turbines: What does the wind say? – BEST Ankara Summer Course 2014

This was the Summer Course I applied, and I can say it was the BEST thing I did in that year!
It all started on Facebook, when I saw a post from BEST in my faculty’s group saying the Summer Courses were open! I didn’t know what BEST was until then, so I went to the web site and I was completely excited about it! I started looking for the courses and I chose this one in Turkey. I wasn’t sure I would get chosen, but after a few weeks I received an e-mail saying I was! It was my first contact with BEST, my first applying and I got chosen, I was so happy!
Once I arrived Turkey, and after a lot of mishaps (yes, I was the last one to arrive, and I got lots of stories to tell), I met everybody, from so many countries and I fell integrated in that moment. As all great experiences should, this one started with a party! And we had parties every night. That’s one of the good things about BEST Courses: you have an excellent part which is the academic one, where you learn so much, and you have the leisure part, and you’re always willing to do everything! Classes in the morning, Case Studies, Technical Visits, but also Theme parties, Boat Trips, Beach Days… 10 days spent with students like you, making a great family.
In the end, you see yourself making such good friends all over Europe, getting to know different cultures, different types of food, different languages, and feeling like there are no barriers at all. I found myself speaking in English but also in Turkish, and feeling like I really belonged there, that Turkey will never be Turkey again without those people!

Adriana RochaAlmada, Portugal
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